• Full Scope Asset Planning

    Our full scope of asset planning provides smarter ways to maintain value and capture opportunities.

    Our team of experts is on hand to help understand the needs for your entire fleet. We will analyze your fleet needs, understand your maintenance cycles and help strategically plan how to protect those assets. Through our In Situ Maintenance and Repair program we can shorten the time required for your SPS and recertification work. Our Preservation and Reactivation programs will ensure that your rigs are ready when you need them.

    With our full scope of asset planning, we help you maximize uptime and improve performance in drilling operations around the globe.


    Our services include:

    • SPS/ Recertification
    • Strategic planning
    • Project Management
    • Preservation programs
    • Asset protection
    • In-Situ repair & Recertification
    • Operational Support programs