• Lifting and Handling


    A Lifetime of Lifting

    The challenges of working in the ocean space are many – harsh conditions, ultra deep water, speed of operations, environmental impact, weight of equipment, the safety of your people. We understand. You need all these things, and you need the best lifting and handling equipment to make it happen.

    With a history dating back to 1841, we have had a few years to understand your needs. Our greatest investment through the years is in our people who make understanding you their number one priority. 

    You don’t simply need an offshore or subsea crane or an offshore winch. You need a partner who is by your side from the development of the lifting solution, through the build process, on hand for installation and testing, and close by through the lifetime of your products, as day after day your ships and vessels lower to the sea bed, transfer from deck to deck or carry out the delicate task of moving your equipment on board.

    Don’t you deserve a partner who understands A Lifetime of Lifting?


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