• Field Support Services


    When you use our delivery and erection service, we can guarantee 100% warranty compliance on the installation of your Ameron™ poles. All products will be handled correctly before delivery and inspected again at the jobsite after work is completed. 

    Our delivery services save you money. Whether you contract these services from another vendor or schedule them separately with multiple vendors, it will cost as much as 25% more than our delivery services. Customized scheduling gives you more control over your delivery, allowing you to reallocate your resources to where they deliver the most value.


    With more than 40 years of experience, our delivery services team will deliver and erect your poles on time and on budget.

    We offer four delivery options tailored to fit your needs:

    1. Delivery - Delivery to your destination of choice.
    2. Delivery and Unload - Includes delivery plus crane and operator to offload poles to your ground crew/All proper dunnage material/Final product quality inspection
    3. Delivery, Unload and Manpower - Includes everything from delivery and unload, plus: Additional manpower to handle all offloading and stockpiling of poles
    4. Delivery and Erection (D&E) - Delivery to jobsite/Crane operator stands and erects poles into position for installation/Final onsite quality inspection after installation/Warranty compliance