• Larger coiled tubing with outer diameters of 2⅜- and 2⅝-in. is becoming more common in the oil field, with QT-1300 coiled tubing developed to address the increased demands of challenging wells. In a recent project, Cudd Energy Services (CES) was able to run a single string of 2⅜-in. QT-1300 for a total of 1,262,681 ft. Despite achieving a maximum fatigue of only 54.7%, the string was retired early due to CES never reaching that kind of footage previously with other strings. From this project, CES learned that they can use QT-1300 to reach further and exceed their fatigue and footage limits.

    You can learn more about our QT-1300 coiled tubing here, and read the full article in World Oil here.

    Published Date: 2018-09-07
    Source: National Oilwell Varco